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Here are the sort of things others tend to say about me when I am about to take the stage at a large conference or event:

Mark Rhodes, Author, Speaker and Mentor

Mark Rhodes, Author, Speaker, Mentor and Entrepreneur

Mark Rhodes is an Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Published Author, International Speaker and Trainer in Success and shows both individuals and businesses around the world how to massively improve their results with little or no extra effort! He helps people whether in business or not, to be the best that they can be.

He does this by helping people have more confidence and direction and by helping businesses Win More Sales, Get More Clients and Customers and Achieve their Business Goals. This is done using the very same approaches, ideas and techniques that Mark has used for his own Success. It’s not about “in your face” selling either, far from it, in fact Mark’s work also includes working with professional firms such as Banks, Accountants, Solicitors and Legal firms, for whom Mark’s approach is an ideal fit, in addition to more traditional businesses that he also helps covering most industries and sectors you could name.

He is also the author of two mainstream published books “Think Your Way to Success” and “How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone

Mark helps by giving direct advice, guidance and mentoring on various aspects of business and life, in particular focussing on:

Having More Confidence

Being a great presenter

Being the best you that you can be

Winning More Sales or Fee Income

Getting More Clients and Customers

Seminars and Workshops for Staff

Effective Communication

Building Your Business through effective Networking

Mark also runs regular “public” seminars and Group Mentoring days for business owners and those wanting to raise the level of their success.

He has also “been there and done it” from the ground up with his own Internet Software company that he started, built and run and then sold to a USA Silicon Valley organisation.

His clients included top name brand clients such as The Body Shop at home, Virgin Cosmetics and Dorling Kindersley Publishers.

Since selling his company Mark figured out how he had become successful and now spends his time teaching others so they can achieve their own dreams.

In addition to speaking at conferences and events Mark is also a Trainer and Mentor for businesses that want to succeed.

Mark speaks internationally for many types of businesses both at conferences and internal staff development talks, at which the staff always want to know when they can get Mark back in again!

Mark makes everything so easy to understand and implement, his natural down to earth style and the fact that he teaches the exact same tools and techniques that he uses everyday in his own business is a refreshing change.

Mark works locally and internationally with clients and assignments that sees him working across the UK, the USA, Malaysia and Dubai.

Mark lives in the UK with his wife Jackie and children Holly and James.

Contact Mark today to find out how he can help you or your business be the best that you can be, no matter where you are based.

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