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If running or owning a Business isn’t yet everything you hoped and dreamed it would be…

I know what it's like you are probably working really hard, long hours and have so much to do and wonder when things will finally might also be wondering where future clients, fees or sales income will come from or maybe your situation is something different. Whatever it is, I am sure I have come across it before and helped many others with the same situation as yours.

As someone who has been there and achieved success
I can help you too.
Get expert, friendly help with your current challenges
and achieving your future goals and dreams

Without doubt Mark has helped me improve the way I approach potential new client meetings and enquiries which has resulted in me acquiring many more clients. I am more successful today because of the expert and friendly guidance Mark has given me.

Jan McLean
Partner, Ensors

Here’s how I can help you get more
out of your business or career

You’ve arrived here because you’re looking for help and the good news is I help all types of businesses and the people in those businesses with everything from winning more business, gaining confidence, dealing with team issues and doing presentations through to managing time better, delegating and dealing with conflict … and so much more!
So, whether you are a one person business or a huge corporation.

I can help you:
  • Massively Improve Your Sales Or Clients With No Extra Effort
  • Win New Clients Or Sales Without Really Selling
  • Manage Difficult Conversations and Situations
  • Get Results From Networking If It Is Part Of What You Do
  • Develop Confidence and Skill in Public Speaking and Presentations
  • If You Have A Team We Can Get Them Inspired, Motivated and Achieving More
  • Do more, be more, achieve more - the easy way
  • Be Motivated, Inspired and Succeed
  • Achieve Success and Overcoming Setbacks
  • Massively Improve Your Success With Little Or No Extra Effort
  • Set and Achieve Goals for Maximum Success
  • Develop Confidence to Succeed and Take Action
  • Managed Unexpected Issues

How Much Does This Cost?

Do the big client names, logos, PR and Media etc on this page make you think you can't afford to get help from me? WRONG - I have help available to suit most budgets including one person businesses through to huge companies....

Now continue reading the rest of this page to discover all the available to help you overcome any challenges and achieve your goals and dreams....

We work on your real issues, challenges and desires so you get results instead of a lot of theory that just doesn’t work in the real world

After spending just a few hours with Mark and implementing the ideas and strategies he suggested, I have already secured a new client and more work.

Kevin Ward
Director, Kevin Ward Limited 

Mark is also the author of two successful mainstream published books – “How To Talk To Absolutely Anyone” and “Think Your Way to Success”  and is one of a small percentage of experts who can help with both the skill set and mindset of success and what holds people back

Press and Media

Mark and his work has been featured in many
High Street publications and online magazines

Now, Healthy, Business Executive, Financial Adviser, Director,Skills & Learning, Talk Business, B2B Marketing, Irish Times, AskGrapevineHR, PA Life, Entrepreneur Country, Student Accountant, Real Business, Sales Initiative, Edge, The Market, The Sun, Good Housekeeping, Entrepreneurs Handbook, Property Bookshop, Glamour.

Mark is honored to be a hand-picked Millionaire Mentor for the EBA, chosen by Bev James, Founder & MD. The Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy is a joint venture with BBC TV’s Dragons’ Den star, James Caan.

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I can help you do that.

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“The creme de la creme of business mentors …to raise your business to the next level”

Careers Magazine September 2010 Edition

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