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My name is Mark Rhodes and I went from totally lacking confidence, never wanting to speak anywhere, and having a regular job to achieving massive success, being more confident than ever and being able to speak on stage to thousands with no fear and loving every minute of it!

I just thought I was lucky that things always worked out but after selling a business I had started from zero and having retired for 15 minutes before getting bored, I went on to discover how I achieved not just success but massive personal change. What’s more I realised that what I knew could be applied to anyone in any line of work or any industry and made no difference if they were obsessed with making lots of money or just simply wanted to be more confident.

Today I am an in demand main stage Speaker around the world at conferences and events and the author of two mainstream published books on success mindset and social confidence.

I have been featured in mainstream press and media and work with some of the biggest companies in the world and the smallest. Yes my clients range from one person start ups through to household names.