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Mark Rhodes

Sales Expert, International Speaker, Published Author


Looking to win more business, clients or sales?

Mark Rhodes, Sales Expert, International Speaker, Published Author. Featured in Mainstream Press and Media.

Most people think that to win a lot more new business, clients or sales takes an awful lot of hard work and effort. In most cases this is WRONG!

With most of my personal clients that achieve amazing results in winning new business it is all about tweaking a few simple areas of the way they go about winning new business. It doesn't even tend to matter what industry they are in.

It certainly doesn't matter if the person who needs to win new business wouldn't call themselves a sales person. In fact most of the people I have helped to win more business, when asked what they do, would never say salesperson. It's just that they have to win more business as part of what they do.

Discover today how a few small tweaks in what you say and do could have a huge impact on the amount of new business you win

  • This is how my clients have achieve increases in their sales and clients: The client testimonials and results on this page and many others have all come about by first understanding the simple fact of how a few small changes in one or more areas can massively improve the amount of sales or new business that can be won.
  • My video will show you an example of trebling sales and clients: Watch my FREE video today that explains how a few small changes can give great results when implemented correctly and with an offering a client or customer understands will benefit them. The example I use shows increasing sales or client income by over three times with a few tweaks in a few areas.....Watch it today...
  • 450% Increase in clients and sales: One of my clients posted on FaceBook publicly thanking me for helping increase her sales by over 450% - again the approach used in this video was done to achieve this. You just have to understand the process, numbers and how they relate...

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In 2014 I was one of just 6 main stage expert sales speakers at the huge National Sales Conference in association with the UK's professional body for selling - the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management.

Transform winning new business today:

What some of my clients say about my help... 

Ashley Winston Owner, Palmdale

Mark has been absolutely invaluable in helping us to secure our biggest ever client. Without him I doubt we would have achieved this deal, and it certainly would not be as profitable. He has revolutionised my business sales process…

Jan McLean Partner, Ensors

Without doubt Mark has helped me improve the way I approach potential new client meetings and enquiries which has resulted in me acquiring many more clients. I am more successful today because of the expert and friendly guidance Mark has given me.

Robbie Stepney, Managing Director, Calls That Count Ltd

Mark has helped me massively to see the value in what I have to offer and helped me develop a new range of services which have opened up significant additional revenue streams. In fact as a Company we’ve just enjoyed one of our best quarters ever...

Kevin Ward, Managing Director, Kevin Ward Ltd

After spending just a few hours with Mark and implementing the ideas and strategies he suggested, I have already secured a new client and more work.

PR and Media... 

Published by Capstone / John Wiley

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Mark and his work have been featured in many major Press and Media Publications.

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Transform winning new business today:

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