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Mark Rhodes

Mark Rhodes

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Published Books By Mark

Mark has two published books on success mindset and communication. Published by a major publisher.

A brilliant storyteller with practical and real examples...

Mark's talk on Leadership and Communication captivated our audience with his very personal and open assessment, on what we all can do to improve our own mindset and the power of positive thoughts. A brilliant story teller, with practical and real examples of how to make a positive difference to how you engage with your customers and colleagues and perhaps more importantly leave them with a great feeling or experience.

Chris Hayward

Managing Director, NMBS

My Latest Book
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How To Present To Absolutely Anyone

More Productive Meetings and Idea Sharing

Mark helped us refocus as to how we could improve as a team. We have already started to see the positive results from his session through more productive meetings, idea sharing and individual commitments to the benefit of the team.

Paul McConalogue

Director, Natwest Commercial Banking, Sussex

Why people choose Mark Rhodes

He has been there and done it in Business
Mainstream Published Author
Featured in Major Press and Media
Real life, everyday examples everyone can relate to
Down to earth style audiences love
Strategies audiences can use immediately
Funny true stories to keep the audience engaged
Has himself gone from shy to confident
Speaker at ExCeL Business Show
Main Stage ISMM Sales Conference Speaker
EBA Millionaire Mentor
Huge success with all industries and audiences
Realistic Fee Structure

Best Speaker To Date...

Mark gave a session at our annual company kick-off event and left the audience buzzing. From technical developers through to sales people, he engaged with the whole organisation with his stories, messages and humour that everyone could relate to on how small changes make a huge difference to your own success. Feedback from the whole company was that he had been the best Speaker to date and really contributed to making the event huge success.

Deborah Saunby

Sales Director, Software Europe

Motivation, Success, Mindset and Confidence Topics

  • Massively Improve Your Success With No Extra Effort
  • Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Be Motivated, Inspired and Succeed
  • Achieving Success and Overcoming Setbacks
  • Massively Improve Your Success With No Extra Effort
  • Setting and Achieving Goals for Maximum Success
  • Developing Confidence to Succeed and Take Action
  • Developing the Confidence to Succeed and Take Action
  • Working as a Team
  • Productivity
  • Do More, Be More, Achieve More. The Easy Way.
  • Managing Difficult Conversations and Situations
  • Zero to Hero in Public Speaking and Presentations
  • The Mindset and Skills of a Great Leader
  • Talks are tailored to your audience and event

Winning More Business, Clients Or Sales Topics

  • Massively Improve Your Sales With No Extra Effort
  • Managing Difficult Conversations and Situations
  • Networking So Easy Anyone Can Do It And Get Results
  • Be Motivated, Inspired and Succeed
  • Developing Confidence to Succeed and Take Action
  • Zero to Hero in Public Speaking and Presentations
  • How To Win New Clients Or Sales Without Really Selling
  • Success In Times Of Uncertainty
  • Developing Confidence to Succeed and Take Action
  • Zero to Hero in Public Speaking and Presentations
  • Talks are tailored to your audience, industry and outcome you want from your event

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Resulted in me acquiring many more clients... 

Without doubt Mark has helped me improve the way I approach potential new client meetings and enquiries which has resulted in me acquiring many more clients. I am more successful today because of the expert and friendly guidance Mark has given me.

Jan McLean

Partner, Ensors

Press and Media

Mark and his work has been featured in many
High Street publications and online magazines

Now, Healthy, Business Executive, Financial Adviser, Director,Skills & Learning, Talk Business, B2B Marketing, Irish Times, AskGrapevineHR, PA Life, Entrepreneur Country, Student Accountant, Real Business, Sales Initiative, Edge, The Market, The Sun, Good Housekeeping, Entrepreneurs Handbook, Property Bookshop, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and more...

...Mark Rhodes has been there and done it...

Michael Jackson once said ‘If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change!’ Mark Rhodes is a glowing example of how people can make small changes within their own lives and make a huge difference to their own success. A very honest, open and believable character, Mark has transformed my limiting beliefs about myself and my business and helped me evaluate everything I do and question how I do it. I now have unshakeable belief in myself, my business and my future. ‘Mark Rhodes has been there and done it, so why not let him help you do it too!

James Leighton

Forever Living Products Distributor

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