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Mark Rhodes

Mark Rhodes

Looking for a Speaker your audience will enjoy, listen to and learn from?

Invite Published Author and International Speaker Mark Rhodes to speak at your School, College, University or event in the UK, US and Worldwide.

Whether your audience are Pupils, Students, Teachers, Staff or Headteachers, Mark is the perfect choice for your event and always gets brilliant reviews.

From small internal team talks through to huge International Conferences

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With his "NO LECTURE" and "NO POWERPOINT" approach Mark gets the audience thinking, engaged and with just the right amount of laughter, presenting in a way everyone can relate to and BELIEVE! All who hear him speak will walk away knowing that personal CHANGE IS POSSIBLE for them.

Education Sector Testimonials

 Tania Botting 

 Vice-Chairman of IAPS

(Independent Association

of Prep Schools)

"...I highly recommend Mark as a Keynote Speaker..."

Mark Rhodes spoke at the IAPS Heads’ Conference in September. He was thought provoking, amusing and gave the delegates some sound techniques for improving their leadership skills. Heads have already started putting his suggestions into practice with very positive results. I highly recommend Mark as a keynote speaker.

 Miranda Welton 

 Stanway School,

Business Mentor

"...Inspires a listener to expand their horizons..."

Mark spoke at our Enrichment Programme for Stanway School Year 10 Students by spending the day with them. He gave two supportive coaching talks to encourage them to make the most of their chances and look forward to their future. I have heard Mark speak a number of times. He is not only very enjoyable to listen too, but engages you with his humour and wit, plus focuses your mind on your goals and what you could achieve, rather than what you hope you possibly may be able to achieve. He inspires a listener to reach for and extend ones horizon, which can be very limiting, especially for our youngsters, who don’t have a great deal of worldly knowledge or life experiences

 Charlotte Avery 


St Mary's School, Cambridge


Terrific - As Headmistress of the only all girls school in Cambridgeshire, I would like to have heard more about your 15 year old daughter Holly - good girl for wanting to be visible in your talks! Please will you come in to talk to my sixth form so that they feel confident about making their mark in the world of work - we need more women out there and you are the man to tell it to my girls!!

 Matt Seddon 

 Deputy Head,

Kellett Senior School,

Hong Kong 

"...Thank you Mark for inspiring the whole School..."

The whole Kellett community was recently inspired by the visit of Mark Rhodes, whose visit to the school was provided by the Kellett Annual Fund. Mark spent the day presenting to students of all ages, from Prep School to Senior School and was the Guest of Honour at our annual Awards Evening. Mark Rhodes, a Published Author, International Speaker, Business Mentor and Entrepreneur, spoke about adopting a winning mindset in all situations, and his message matched very closely with the growth mindset focus which we have had in our assemblies this year. Two important messages that were received by our students was to respond rather than to react to each situation and to approach life with the mentality of a four year old- focusing on the positive outcome, rather than the reasons why something may fail. Mark taught us to turn situations around and rather than thinking “I can’t do this” , instead approaching it as “ I haven’t been able to do this yet”. Thank you Mark for inspiring the whole school – we are confident that your words will have a positive impact on the whole school and our wider community.

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Motivational Speaker Mark Rhodes

Motivational Speaker Mark Rhodes

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Optional Free Breakout Session

When booking Mark Rhodes to Speak at your event there is usually no extra charge for him to facilitate or run a breakout or workshop session of up to an hour or two based on either his presentation content or the outcome you are looking for from the event. When taking advantage of this clients usually have Mark run the breakout or workshop segment after he has finished his main presentation or talk. Most clients use this session to get the audience putting into practice what they have heard or to get the audience to come up with the ideas the business would like them to have and be well on the way to making the changes needed.

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Adapting to Change and getting our people to think more about: 

"How we can" rather than "Why we can't"

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