How To Present To Absolutely Anyone

By Mark Rhodes | Books by Mark Rhodes

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Publication Date: 14th December 2018

Learn to love - not dread - public speaking.

Fear of public speaking is statistically more common than fear of death. So how can you get past the panic and succeed in public speaking?

Master the art of presenting with an approach based on content, mindset and confidence.

How to Present to Absolutely Anyone guides you from fear, to confidence, to success! Don't mumble your way through a PowerPoint or try to put flash over substance. Craft an engaging, informative presentation that people want to hear and that you want to present!

  • Reduce first-minute nerves
  • Reach your audience in a more authentic, organic way
  • Develop great content
  • Go beyond simple body language
  • Take your presentations to new heights

How to Present to Absolutely Anyone shows you how to deliver presentations your audience will love - and you will enjoy doing!

'Whether you are presenting to the company board, or planning a best man's speech, this is a "must read" book full of great anecdotes and tips.'
--Christopher Trippick, Head of Communications and External Affairs, Aquila ATMS

'Having seen Mark present and read the book, I have picked up some brilliant tips for maintaining a positive mental attitude and approach to presenting with confidence. I highly recommend going over the practical ideas in this book as they give you some quick wins to improve how you'll present tomorrow.'
--Nikki Jacobi, Chief People Officer, Yell

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About the Author

Mark Rhodes is a mainstream Published Author, Mentor, Speaker and Entrepreneur who has "been there and done it" in business. He now helps others achieve their own dreams and goals and have more confidence and success.