How To Talk To Absolutely Anyone

By Mark Rhodes | Books by Mark Rhodes

Confident Communication in every situation

By Mark Rhodes

Published By Capstone June 2013

When you are with other people do you open up or clam up?

Are you a conversation starter or a shrinking violet?

Feeling nervous about talking to other people is normal for most people, but it’s important not to let fears like this stop you from starting a conversation in the first place.

Every day you come across people you do not know and some you do know but never speak to. Every conversation could be the start of something new; a new career, a new business idea or a new friendship. When you clam up in public you close off all of those opportunities. “How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone” by Mark Rhodes will help you see conversation differently; as an enjoyable, positive activity that might just change your life.

Being a confident communicator creates success and happiness

When you learn how to talk to anyone, every conversation could be the start of something new; a new career, a new business idea or a new friendship. When you clam up in public, you close off all those opportunities. How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone will help you see conversation differently; as an enjoyable, positive activity that might just change your life.

Learn how to talk to anyone...

  • Be confident with people you don’t know
  • Overcome common fears and barriers about talking to others
  • Make a connection and build rapport
  • Communicate better in business and social situations
  • Start communicating more confidently today and increase your chances of getting the outcomes you’re looking for, more often.

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What they say....

Easy-to-follow steps and ideas on how to instantly boost your confidence to approach anyone in any situation

 Armand Beasley
 International Image Expert and Celebrity Makeup Artist

As the world’s largest Business Networking organization we know that communication, and the ability to be able to build relationships, are absolutely crucial for business and personal success. Mark has been the headline speaker for a number of our conferences and now brings his knowledge and experience in the area of communication to everyone in “How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone”

Charlie Lawson
National Director, BNI, UK & Ireland

This book shows you how to make your thinking work for you – not against you – so that you can talk successfully with anyone, anywhere. As has been said of Mark’s previous book (on success) – keep it with you and read it over and over again!

 Mark Henry
 Corporate and Banking Partner, Birketts LLP

Part of my role includes being an expert witness on large renewable energy projects, so I know how important communication and words are. In his book Mark makes insightful observations and strings these together in a unique, refreshing and totally life-changing way. Perhaps the most powerful connection he makes is that our words and thoughts give rise to our feelings and combining that with the effective strategies for conversation gives us a simply written, totally empowering and hugely inspiring book.

 Sitara Keppie
 Director, Circle Design (UK) Limited

How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone goes way beyond the promise made in the title. An enlightening mixture of common sense and practical experience that is both extremely readable and implementable. Mark has brought to the book the same style that makes him such a great speaker at live events. The ideas for how to approach difficult conversations are a huge bonus, changing the focus to a win-win mindset.

Ray Noble
Editor, Your Excellency Magazine

In business as in all walks of life communication is vital whatever we are doing. Yet how often do we think about how to engage with others in the best way or how to enhance our skill set in this area? Mark in his clear and engaging way gives readers the opportunity to overcome their in built fears, practice and improve their skills and learn new ones. Personally, I have learnt a great deal from Mark and have valued reading this book.

 Peter Quilter

I have seen so many intelligent people held back by their weak communication skills, their fear of “speaking to strangers” in a business environment. It is one thing to tell them they are needlessly being held back, what this book does is detail the practical route to overcoming these fears and being a better communicator – a kind of “sat-nav" for stress free mingling!

 Danny Clifford
 Managing Partner, Ensors

We live in a world where both in our personal and business lives electronic communication has become the norm. It has been said that many people are actually losing the skill of simply talking to people. In this book Mark Rhodes in his easy to read down to earth style gives all of us a solid framework to maximise our effectiveness in starting conversations in any situation naturally. In doing so he ensures we will achieve the outcomes we want. -Thoroughly recommended

 Robbie Stepney
 Managing Director, Calls That Count Limited

Whatever age, background or stage of life you are at, Mark’s positive voice of experience connects with you to deliver a myriad of real-life situations and solutions so you develop the know-how to get the best out of communication, and get the best out of life!

 Siobhan Eke
 Director of Enterprise and Innovation, City College, Norwich

About the Author

Mark Rhodes is a Motivational Speaker, Published Author, Coach and Entrepreneur who has "been there and done it" in business. He now helps others achieve their own dreams and goals and have more confidence and success, lead teams and win more business and sales.