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Mark Rhodes

Mark Rhodes

Looking for a Speaker your audience will enjoy, listen to and learn from?

Invite Published Author and International Speaker Mark Rhodes to speak at your event in the UK, US and Worldwide.

Whether your audience is Professional, Creative, Technical, Educational etc, Mark is the perfect choice for your event and always gets brilliant reviews.

Free Breakout Session

When booking Mark Rhodes to Speak at your event there is usually no extra charge for him to facilitate or run a breakout or workshop session of up to an hour or two based on either his presentation content or the outcome you are looking for from the event. When taking advantage of this clients usually have Mark run the breakout or workshop segment after he has finished his main presentation or talk. Most clients use this session to get the audience putting into practice what they have heard or to get the audience to come up with the ideas the business would like them to have and be well on the way to making the changes needed.

Current Popular Topic Requested By Clients

Adapting to Change and getting our people to think more about:

"How they can" rather than "Why they can't"

Unprecedented amount of positive feedback

Thank you for attending our Leadership event last week, I have received an unprecedented amount of positive feedback – with demonstrable use of the 20 seconds of courage concept, which is phenomenal. A number of my peers and I really took a lot away from the session and quotes from your stories can be heard in a number of team conversations which are taking place. I am keen to maintain the momentum and discussions and therefore aim to schedule similar events going forward

Sallyanne Scott

HR Business Partner, Sanofi

Highly inspiring and thought-provoking

Mark recently spoke at our EMEA engineering conference, captivating our diverse and multi-cultural audience from the very first sentence. He has a very engaging way of presenting, highlighting approaches taken by most people and then demonstrating what can be achieved by thinking differently. Mark made a 45 minutes slot feel like five - highly inspiring and thought-provoking.

Darren Cook

Vice President Of Engineering Operations EMEA, Hilton Worldwide

Other Popular Speaker Topics include...


If you want to add that extra dose of motivation and success to your audience Mark is an expert at doing that. As someone who has had business and career success, gone from shy to confident and from a huge fear of public speaking to doing it as a living, he can deliver the message, ideas and tools that will help your audience to believe in themselves and believe they can do, be and achieve more. As Mark says being successful didn't change him, he changed and then he became successful.


Great Leaders help the people they work with do their best to achieve their personal goals and ambitions whilst they in turn do their best to help the business achieve its goals. In great Leadership a culture that wants to succeed is developed where everyone feels like they are part of the journey and part of a team achieving something special. Great Leaders focus on Vision, Inspiration, Motivation, Team, Culture and Success. How can Mark help your Leaders?


You know how team members or staff don't always seem to be as enthusiastic, engaged, motivated, caring or working as a team as much as you’d like them to be? Or they may appear disconnected, resistant to change and somewhat unproductive? Well, Mark helps solve that. He helps your team realise they are the only ones holding themselves back and how they can change, and that change is for themselves and their benefit. If you have a team you’d like to be more enthusiastic, working together, progressing, achieving and changing then let’s get started.


Do your Sales and/or Marketing people need that extra edge? In 2014 Mark was selected by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management to be one of the main stage Expert Sales Speakers for the National Sales Conference. Let Mark help your audience to develop the winning mindset and skills which can help them massively improve their results with little or no extra effort. So for a boost in sales confidence, sales performance or both, invite Mark to help your team at your next event.

Motivation, Success, Mindset and Confidence Topics

  • Massively Improve Your Success With No Extra Effort
  • Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Be Motivated, Inspired and Succeed
  • Achieving Success and Overcoming Setbacks
  • Massively Improve Your Success With No Extra Effort
  • Setting and Achieving Goals for Maximum Success
  • Developing Confidence to Succeed and Take Action
  • Developing the Confidence to Succeed and Take Action
  • Working as a Team
  • Productivity
  • Do More, Be More, Achieve More. The Easy Way.
  • Managing Difficult Conversations and Situations
  • Zero to Hero in Public Speaking and Presentations
  • The Mindset and Skills of a Great Leader
  • Talks are tailored to your audience and event

Winning More Business, Clients Or Sales Topics

  • Massively Improve Your Sales With No Extra Effort
  • Managing Difficult Conversations and Situations
  • Networking So Easy Anyone Can Do It And Get Results
  • Be Motivated, Inspired and Succeed
  • Developing Confidence to Succeed and Take Action
  • Zero to Hero in Public Speaking and Presentations
  • How To Win New Clients Or Sales Without Really Selling
  • Success In Times Of Uncertainty
  • Developing Confidence to Succeed and Take Action
  • Zero to Hero in Public Speaking and Presentations
  • Talks are tailored to your audience, industry and outcome you want from your event

Fantastic Session... Highly Recommended...

Mark ran a fantastic session at my National Sales Conference for our 300 sales people. His content was fantastic and received high praise from our hard to please sales people. He covered some key areas of positive mindset and delivered it in a really engaging manner. Mark was accommodating, thorough and exceptionally professional. I would highly recommended him to anyone who needs a speaker with substance that will make a real impact.

Nikki Jacobi

Chief People Officer, Yell

With his "NO LECTURE" and "NO POWERPOINT" approach Mark gets the audience thinking, engaged and with just the right amount of laughter, presenting in a way everyone can relate to and BELIEVE! All who hear him speak will walk away knowing that personal CHANGE IS POSSIBLE for them.

PR, Books and Some Clients

Extremely Well Received...

Your closing session was extremely well received and contributed to the overall success of the event. I very much appreciated your time and effort in the planning, development and delivery of your session. 

Helen Maitland

Unscheduled Care Director, Scottish Government

Best Speaker To Date...

Mark gave a session at our annual company kick-off event and left the audience buzzing. From technical developers through to sales people, he engaged with the whole organisation with his stories, messages and humour that everyone could relate to on how small changes make a huge difference to your own success. Feedback from the whole company was that he had been the best Speaker to date and really contributed to making the event huge success.

Deborah Saunby

Sales Director, Software Europe

Motivational Speaker Mark Rhodes

Motivational Speaker Mark Rhodes

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