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Mark Rhodes

Mark Rhodes

Sales Expert and Published Author

All areas of the UK and World covered

Looking for a Sales Training for Your Team or Yourself?

Invite Sales Expert, Published Author and International Speaker Mark Rhodes to train your team in the UK, US and Worldwide to achieve more from their sales activity.

Whether your industry is Professional, Creative, Technical, Educational etc, Mark is the perfect choice for your team and always gets brilliant reviews. 

In 2014 Mark Rhodes was honoured to be one of just 6 main stage keynote speakers at the annual Institute of Sales and Marketing Management Annual Conference. This is the UK conference for people who sell and is a paid ticket event, not a free event, where typically 600-1,000 people attend.

 James Miller 

Managing Director,

Foursys Limited

"...greater focus, performance and results..."

Marks talks and coaching on mindset really hit home and have repeatedly assisted in bringing greater focus, performance and more importantly results from our sales teams. There aren’t many external coaching consultants that I’ve brought back in and it’s testimony to Marks calibre that we have had repeated training sessions over the years.

As someone who has been there and achieved success in business
I can help you too. Proven results from an expert sales trainer.
Expert, friendly help with winning more business or sales
Featured in Press and Media

This page is for people looking for sales training, for an individual or small team through to large sales teams. It is for businesses who sell or win business from other businesses.

With his "NO LECTURE" and "NO POWERPOINT" approach Mark gets your team thinking, engaged and with just the right amount of laughter, training in a way everyone can relate to and BELIEVE! Your team will walk away knowing that MORE SALES is possible for them.

A lot of sales training does not work! - All too often there is an implementation gap between the classroom and real life. This often happens if the training received is in a generic format with multiple businesses in attendance. In Mark's trainings your team get help with their real situations, so it is not time out! People leave knowing exactly what they have to do and how to do it, and make use of all the work they did during the training session.

All training is tailored to your team and the outcome you need. We work on your real issues, challenges and desires so you get results instead of a lot of theory that just doesn’t work in the real world

 Jan McLean 

Partner, Ensors

"...resulted in me acquiring many more clients..."

Without doubt Mark has helped me improve the way I approach potential new client meetings and enquiries which has resulted in me acquiring many more clients. I am more successful today because of the expert and friendly guidance Mark has given me.

Whether you are a small business, professional firm or a huge corporation that wants to win more business...

Mark Rhodes can help your team:


Trainings can be half day, full day or multiple days depending on your needs.

Do your Sales and/or Marketing people need that extra edge? In 2014 Mark was selected by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management to be one of the main stage Expert Sales Speakers for the National Sales Conference. Let Mark help your team to develop the winning mindset and skills which can help them massively improve their results with little or no extra effort. So for a boost in sales confidence, sales performance or both, invite Mark to help your team at your own specially tailored training.

  • Massively Improve Your Sales Or Clients With No Extra Effort
  • Win New Clients Or Sales Without Really Selling
  • Get lots more quality leads and enquiries
  • Get Results From Networking If It Is Part Of What You Do
  • Develop Confidence and Skill in Public Speaking and Presentations
  • Get better at converting leads into clients or sales
  • Get existing clients or customers to refer you to others
  • Become so valued by your clients and customers you are more protected from the competition
  • Win more sales, more clients and more customers
  • Have the ability to quickly build trust and confidence with your prospects
  • Develop the ability to close sales easier and quicker
  • Easily handle objections such as “you are too expensive”
  • Take the panic and guesswork out of what to say and do with proven dialogue
  • Generate useable ideas, techniques, and strategies
  • Present what you do and your offer in a way people find interesting and want to know more

  Pat O'Hara

Managing Director, Ascot Lloyd Financial Services

"...I would recommend Mark to any business that wants to develop and grow..."

Mark presented 2 sessions at our IFA conference and both were absolutely fantastic and extremely well received by the audience. He has some great ideas and innovations and puts them across in an entertaining and professional manner. I would recommend Mark to any business that wants to develop and grow. 

Press, Books and Some Clients


UK National Sales Conference Presentation

Motivational Success Talk to 1,000 People

 Russell Patmore 

Sales Director, DAF Trucks 

""Humorous and entertaining....empowering talk...making a difference""

Mark engaged the delegates in a humorous & entertaining way – creating a strong foundation for our workshop on the subject of Mindset supporting an attitude that enabled us to reach some firm conclusions and subsequent actions from our event. A highly motivating/empowering talk from which people left and are making a difference

Why people choose Mark Rhodes for help through Sales Training

They get fantastic results
Practical advice, not theory
He has been there and done it in Business
Mainstream Published Author
Featured in Major Press and Media
Strategies they can use immediately
Speaker at ExCeL Business Show
Main Stage ISMM Sales Conference Speaker
EBA Millionaire Mentor
Huge success with all types of businesses
Realistic Fee Structures for all business sizes
Friendly, helpful, expert, guidance
No ongoing "lock in" contract
Money Back Guarantee

 Robbie Stepney 

Managing Director,

Calls That Count Limited

"...Just enjoyed one of our best quarters ever..."

Mark has helped me massively to see the value in what I have to offer, as well as to develop and reinforce my own personal “Success Mindset”. With Mark’s support I’ve successfully pushed through obstacles and developed a new range of services which have opened up significant additional revenue streams. In fact as a Company we’ve just enjoyed one of our best quarters ever. As Mark says, it’s about “Skillset” and “Mindset.” Having the Skillset is a great start, but it’s the winning Success Mindset that makes everything achievable and will keep you on track, working towards your goals. That’s what you’ll develop when you work with Mark Rhodes

Mark is also the author of two successful mainstream published books – “How To Talk To Absolutely Anyone” and “Think Your Way to Success” and is one of a small percentage of experts who can help with both the skill set and mindset of success and what holds people back

Deborah Saunby

Sales Director,

Software Europe

"...Engaged the whole Speaker to date..."

Mark gave a session at our annual company kick-off event and left the audience buzzing. From technical developers through to sales people, he engaged with the whole organisation with his stories, messages and humour that everyone could relate to on how small changes make a huge difference to your own success. Feedback from the whole company was that he had been the best Speaker to date and really contributed to making the event huge success

Press and Media

Mark and his work has been featured in many
High Street publications and online magazines

Now, Healthy, Business Executive, Financial Adviser, Director,Skills & Learning, Talk Business, B2B Marketing, Irish Times, AskGrapevineHR, PA Life, Entrepreneur Country, Student Accountant, Real Business, Sales Initiative, Edge, The Market, The Sun, Good Housekeeping, Entrepreneurs Handbook, Property Bookshop, Glamour.

Mark is honored to be a hand-picked Millionaire Mentor for the EBA, chosen by Bev James, Founder & MD. The Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy is a joint venture with BBC TV’s Dragons’ Den star, James Caan.

Will Sales Training Work For You?

No matter what stage your business is currently at – whether you’re just getting started or you’re well under way, but want to step up a level or two, I’ve analysed and formatted the steps you’ll need to take to achieve greater success in winning more business.

I have applied these steps to all types of businesses and industries but to name a few – Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Banks, Insurance Companies, Accountants, Solicitors, Financial Advisers, Therapists, Web Developers, Estate Agents, Security Companies, Pest Control, Recruitment, Internet/online Ventures, Telemarketers, Kitchens, Manufacturing, Landscaping, Roofing Company, Direct Sellers, the list goes on and on.

Some of the people I have helped have been sole traders, others have been very senior professionals in massive professional firms, others have been huge household name companies. The formula is pretty much the same, the implementation just varies.

 Ashley Winston 

 Owner, Palmdale

"...helping us to secure our biggest ever client..."

Mark has been absolutely invaluable in helping us to secure our biggest ever client. Without him I doubt we would have achieved this deal, and it certainly would not be as profitable. He has revolutionised my business sales process…

More about Mark Rhodes

Mark Rhodes is a Mainstream Published Author, International Speaker, Entrepreneur and Trainer. He has been there and done it himself in business and now helps others do the same.

He has also been featured in many mainstream publications and magazines. Both of Mark’s mainstream published books have ranked well in the WH Smith Travel Non fiction chart.

The topics Mark covers include Goals, Motivation, Winning More Sales or Clients, Networking, Referrals, Delegation, Time Management and many others.

In 2014 Mark was one of just 6 main stage speakers for the UK’s main sales conference for the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management where typically 600-1000 people pay to attend. Mark also spoke at ExCel in May 2015 at The Business Start up Show.

“The creme de la creme of business mentors …to raise your business to the next level”

Careers Magazine September 2010 Edition

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