Public Speaking Fear – How I Overcame It

By Mark Rhodes | Success Mindset Videos

Public Speaking and Presenting was once my biggest fear, I had a very extreme fear of it and would do anything to avoid it.

These days I speak on stage as the main thing I do, hundreds or thousands in the audience and I never get nervous, I look forward to it and I am disappointed when my talks are over.

What changed? I explain in this video the major thing that happened and caused me to love public speaking instead of dread it.

Since my latest book on Public Speaking has been published more and more people have been asking if I really was that scared and how I had overcome it.

Watch this video now to find out.

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About the Author

Mark Rhodes is a Motivational Speaker, Published Author, Coach and Entrepreneur who has "been there and done it" in business. He now helps others achieve their own dreams and goals and have more confidence and success, lead teams and win more business and sales.