Can people change? Most can’t and here is why

By Mark Rhodes | Success Mindset Videos

In this video I'm going to share with you the number 1 reason one most people will never achieve more success or never improve their confidence and they will never make progress.

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In this video I’m going to share with you the number 1 reason one most people will never achieve more success or never improve their confidence and they will never make progress.

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Hi I’m Mark Rhodes and welcome to “Massively Improve”. Now most people will not unfortunately, make progress, achieve more success or gain more confidence.

Why is that?

What is the number 1reason for that?…

They won’t take the action.

Now keep watching this video. I’m going to keep it to just a couple of
minutes. At least take the action of watching the video and hear what I am going to tell you on this.

Most people won’t take action.

What they do is they read a book they expect the change, they watch a video they expect the change. In those books, in those videos, at those seminars, in those workshops, at those trainings, there will be things you need to do.

Actions that need to be taken and what happens is most people do not do the exercises. They don’t take the action, so I’m not even talking about the action of actually implementing the task.

So let’s say we’re talking about somebody getting more socially confident. I’m not talking about somebody taking the action of going out in the street and talking to somebody they don’t know.

I’m talking about when they read a book on the subject or when they attend a course or watch a video on the subject and maybe during that there’s an exercise that says something like, sit down now, get a
piece of paper and a pen and list down all the things you think might go wrong if you were to engage somebody in a conversation.

Or it might be about success – Sit down and list down all the things you’d love to happen in your life in the next three or four years.

Anything like that – people don’t do it!

They read the question, they read the exercise and they think “Well yes, I’ve got that” and move on and continue reading.

They don’t stop,they don’t take that time out, to sit and do the exercise, and then they wonder why they have not changed!!!

You know, I’ve made massive progress in my life – from shy to confident, achieved success, all those great things, but I did it by making a definite decision that I was going to change and by taking action.
Dedicating the time to do the exercises of anything I learnt and to put it into practice and to take action.

You know it absolutely amazes me that when I put out something online, it might be a video, it might have an exercise attached to it or something like that, I may give it away free, I may charge a fee for it, and even in cases where people will pay a reasonable fee for an online course, they’ll pay the money and they won’t even log in!!!

They won’t even log in to see what’s there. People won’t take action.

If you expect to read a book or watch a video and get massive change
it’s unlikely to happen.

Massive change is going to come by you taking action.

So, the next time you’re reading a book or you’re watching a video I want you to make sure you do what they tell you to do. You take the action, you do the exercises, you spend the time.

You know people tell me that their life is ruined at the moment because they can’t achieve something, or they haven’t got the confidence and that to achieve that, or to get that confidence would transform their whole life….

And yet, most of them won’t take that three or four minutes to do an exercise!

Now we don’t know stuff just by reading it, we don’t know stuff just by looking at it, we know it by doing that deep dive internally doing
these exercises, getting a plan, going out and taking action.

So the next time you’re reading something or watching something
that involves taking action make sure you take the action.

Because it’s the action that leads to the results and it’s the results that leads to the change.

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Yes it will involve taking action some of the time and please when it comes up, take that action.

Its Mark Rhodes wishing you a fantastic week.


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Mark Rhodes is a Motivational Speaker, Published Author, Coach and Entrepreneur who has "been there and done it" in business. He now helps others achieve their own dreams and goals and have more confidence and success, lead teams and win more business and sales.