What to do in the deadly silence in a lift or elevator

By Mark Rhodes | Social Confidence

If you want a challenge – here is one for you. Not that it is difficult – it’s just in a situation that pretty much everyone avoids communication.

I am talking about the lift or elevator. This works whether there is just one other person in there or a whole group of people.

The important thing

Now the important thing here is we are going to be saying something in an environment where people do not usually say a word, they usually just stare at the floor numbers illuminating or pretend to check their phone.
So we are not really looking to start a conversation but just show ourselves and others we are able to say something in this situation.

No response needed…

We are not looking for any response our outcome is the fact we did it. In this situation I have never had anyone totally ignore me anyway, the least people have done is smile or nod, many say something.

So this is what I do. I look for the sign all lifts or elevators have regarding the capacity or number of people that can travel. We all know these numbers are ambitious. We can be cramped and crowded with just 5 people in there and yet the capacity says 12!

I look up at the sign, turn in the general direction of people in the lift or elevator and simply say “Wow, I’d hate to be in here with 12 people, it’s full with just us”

That’s it. Simple.

Not sure about this yet?

If you are not yet ready for it, keep in your bank of conversation starters for the future once you’ve reduced your uncomfortable feelings a bit and built your confidence some more.


About the Author

Mark Rhodes is a Motivational Speaker, Published Author, Coach and Entrepreneur who has "been there and done it" in business. He now helps others achieve their own dreams and goals and have more confidence and success, lead teams and win more business and sales.