Know your outcome before you act

By Mark Rhodes | Win More Sales Or Business

Knowing your desired outcome from any sales meeting, business meeting, call, presentation or event is very important.

Take a sales call for example. Sometimes with a sales call we want to close the deal there and then. Sometimes, we just want to get to the next stage or the next meeting.

Knowing that outcome before taking the action changes how we approach it and we don’t go off at all angles and do or say the wrong thing.

For instance, if you’ve got a staff or team member and they’re doing something wrong, making a mistake and you’ve got to tell them about it, what’s your desired outcome?

Do you want them to be so fed up that they leave or would you want them to mend their ways and do it properly in the future?

The outcome you decide upfront determines the words, phrases, tonality you use and is going to affect the outcome you get . Without consciously deciding the outcome is for the team member to improve the natural comment made to them might be along the lines of :

You should have done this, you made this mistake

However with the outcome of wanting the person to improve your comment might change to something like:

You know what we could have done on this project….

Changing “should have” to “could have” can make a huge difference to the person you are talking to and saying “we” instead of “you” softens it as well. Of course they will realise it was them but you are just making it easier for them to notice the mistake and improve next time.

So, knowing your outcome  upfront is really, really important, rather than just reacting in the moment at things.


About the Author

Mark Rhodes is a Motivational Speaker, Published Author, Coach and Entrepreneur who has "been there and done it" in business. He now helps others achieve their own dreams and goals and have more confidence and success, lead teams and win more business and sales.