Stop being held back from success

By Mark Rhodes | Success Mindset

If we’re honest, we all know that one thing that if we were to do it we could start to build things differently in our lives.


Whether it’s that you would go across the room and talk to a stranger or that you could make that sales call, or speak to that person at that networking event, or attend networking events.

A lot of us have uncomfortable feelings around those situations but we know that if we could master those situations, if we could think about how great our lives would be:

Then list out all the positive things about how great our lives would be if we were to do that one thing.

Then list out all the negative things if we were never able to do it, what it would mean to our lives.


For instance, on the positive list, list all the great things, let’s say my problem was I didn’t want to go and approach strangers at a networking event.

Now, I could list out all the positives to going and talking to strangers at a networking event and what that could possibly mean to my life:

I could grow a bigger business

I’d be able to give the family a more secure future

I’d be able to do things for the children, take them on holiday

Put them in the School I want…

Buy a sports car

I’d be able to go round the World

I’d be able to go on fantastic holidays

Whatever it is, list all the positives that would exist in your life if you could do that one thing, if you got over that one thing.

Then list the negatives to your life if you never get over that one thing for example:

I’d never feel I’d reached my true potential in life

I won’t be able to give the kids the best I could possibly give them.

Emotional Blackmail on yourself

You see if you can come up with enough emotional blackmail on yourself, either the negatives of not doing it or the positives of doing it, and if you can come up with what you need that becomes more important than that feeling of going across the room and talking to somebody, if you can put more worth on what that would mean to your life and got over the “failure”, which is really the potential of an unplanned outcome, then you will cross that line, and you will expand your Comfort Zone.

It’s not about getting outside your Comfort Zone, it’s about expanding your Comfort Zone, taking those steps to expand your Comfort Zone and make it bigger.

So, get that emotional blackmail listed out and if you sit down, spend a few minutes reading the list of all the positive things if you actually did this, see how that makes you feel, does that inspire you?

If not, find some others, take a ten minute break, then make a list of all the negatives things that would happen in your life if you never mastered this, if you never did this such as:

I won’t realise my full potential

I won’t be able to do the best for my family

All those sorts of things list those down; read that list, does that inspire you more?


If one of the lists inspires you more than the other then throw the one that doesn’t inspire you as much away and focus on the one that really inspires you.

Think about that list that inspires you, think about it, and when you think about that and you’re motivated towards that, imagine yourself going across that room and speaking to that person, or whatever your one thing is and imagine that you are doing it with enthusiasm.

We have to imagine things in our minds whether we realise it or not before we do them.

It has to exist in the mind before it exists in your reality.

If you show your mind nervousness and hesitation, it won’t want to take your body there.

So, see these things going as best as they could.

Do the above exercise every day as often as you can think about that one thing whatever it is for you that would move you to the next level.

See yourself doing it with enthusiasm and expectation of a good outcome.


About the Author

Mark Rhodes is a Motivational Speaker, Published Author, Coach and Entrepreneur who has "been there and done it" in business. He now helps others achieve their own dreams and goals and have more confidence and success, lead teams and win more business and sales.